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Spa Revolution

 a mindful spa specializing in ethical, organic services

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 Massage Therapies

chair ($1/min in spa, starting at $75/hr on site)

The perfect option for a last-minute or lunch hour massage as it can be performed while you're clothed. We also travel with our massage chairs and can set up at events such as appreciation days, conventions, markets, etc. Email with on site requests.

revolution ($35/30 min, $55/60 min, $90/90 min)

A full body massage is excellent for relieving the mind and body of stress and creating an overall sense of well-being. Firm but light pressure is applied with long continuous movements creating a relaxing effect.     

integrative therapy ($40/30 min, $65/60 min, $105/90 min)

The right option for relief from chronic conditions occurring from repetitive motions and constant forward posture from our everyday. "Integrative" is a medium pressure full body massage pulling on various neuromuscular techniques, including myofascial release and triggerpoint therapy. It is designed to work out muscle knots while still giving overall relaxation.  

pregnancy integrative therapy ($45/60 min, $75/90 min)

A light to medium pressure massage ideal for treating pain and discomfort that goes along with pregnancy. It can be a full body relaxation massage or tailored to focus on specific problem areas, such as hips or feet. This massage is perfect for helping you get through the day, week, month, etc!  

deep tissue ($45/30 min, $75/60 min, $120/90 min)

This therapeutic massage, over time, reshapes muscle tissue to allow for proper posture and alignment. Deep pressure can relieve pain from chronic muscular conditions, athletics wear and tear and conditions being treated with physical therapy and chiropractic. Drawing on NMT techniques, a massage plan is designed to fit your specific needs. Expect to feel sore the first few times you receive this treatment. Drink plenty of water before and after to receive the full benefits of this treatment.       

ashiatsu ($85/60 min, $135/90 min)

This deep tissue massage utilizes therapist body weight, applied with the feet and tempered by support bars mounted to the ceiling. The deeper pressure is tolerable because the feet offer a larger surface area. We include the use of elbows, knees, palms and fingers when more specific pressure is needed. Excellent for chronic muscular problems in the larger muscle groups, such as the hips, quads and back. Drink plenty of water before and after to receive the full benefits of this treatment.                         

ashiatsu integrative therapies ($135/90 min, $170/120 min)

A deep tissue treatment during which pressure is applied with feet and hands. The ashiatsu allows for comfortable deep work to loosen muscles efficiently and locate trigger points. These knots are then worked out with more precise application of pressure. Drink plenty of water before and after to receive the full benefits of this treatment.

face, hands and feet ($35/30 min, $55/60 min, $90/90 min)

Rejuvenating and restorative massage focused on the face, head and neck, hands, forearms, feet and lower legs. Great for restoring skin hydration and overall relaxation.

aromatherapy head and neck massage ($65/60 min)

We apply our sinus relief essential oil blend with a gentle sinus and lymph drainage massage. We offer coconut, avocado, kukui and tamanu oils to suit your skin type. We finish with a warm towel wrap and an antihistamine rosewater spray to send you breathing happily on your way. 

TMJD and headache relief ($45/30 min, $75/60 min)

A deep reaching therapeutic massage concentrated on trigger points common to the face, jaw, head and neck. Specific application of firm pressure helps to relieve pain and discomfort associated with these all too common problems. Drink plenty of water before and after to receive the full benefits of this treatment.    

four hands (starting at $100/60 min)

Two massage therapist will use four hands to relieve your mind and body of stress and create a sense of overall well being. Using continuous movements combined with gentle but firm pressure, this is the ultimate in relaxation. For those who prefer deeper pressure, this massage may be upgraded to integrative, deep tissue or "2 hands 2 feet" massage. Drink plenty of water before and after to receive the full benefits of this treatment.   

couples (starting at $100/60 min)

Two massage therapists will treat both of you to a wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic experience. You will receive your massage in the same room so that you may enjoy each others company while you are pampered and cared for. Starting at $100/hr for relaxing revolution massage, you may individually or both upgrade your experience to a deeper pressure massage according to what you would like to accomplish in your session.

(Couples massage is not currently available for ashiatsu.)

*email or text us for more appointment availability than is currently listed on Schedulicity.

Online scheduling

 Spa Treatments & Add-ons

revolutionary facial massage ($65\60 min)

Relax and rejuvenate with this cleansing head, neck and facial massage. Organic products are chosen and crafted in house to suit your specific skin type. 

revolutionary feet treat ($55/60 min)

You start with our whipped Coconut Sugar Scrub scented with beneficial essential oils. Our favorites are lavender with lemon or lime. Further reduce tension in a hot (or warm) herbal foot-soak, with lavender and calendula or red clover and rosemary. We wrap it up with a foot massage to make sure all tensions have been relieved from the feet. Consider this is a nourishing, all natural alternative to a conventional pedicure.

aromatherapy herbal foot soak & massage ($35/30 min)

Even when you have only an hour free, you can give your feet an ultimate treat! Soak them in a custom blended herbal bath and follow it up with a tension relieving mini massage from knees to soles.

organic foot scrub and massage ($35/30 min)

A quick and luxurious feet treat, suitable for any break in the day. Our organic coconut sugar scrub with essential oils leaves your feet feeling so soft and smooth. Complete the experience with a tension relieving mini massage, from knees to soles.

Online scheduling